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As you all know, Madame Geiry helped the Phantom escape from the angry mob of circus folks. However, I'm still trying to decide if she is completely pure of heart. Allow me to explain.
After Christine's father died, Madame Geiry basically adopted Christine , who is the same age as Madame Geiry's other daughter Meg. Now if you remember, Madame Geiry and the Phantom are actually about the same age, so then when Madame Geiry just sits back and lets the Phantom seduce her daughter, you have to wonder if she is a victim or a villian.
M. Geiry watched as the Phantom locked Christine inside her room, so that he could take her down into his lair without interuption from Roaul. Then when Meg opened the door with a key and started down the tunnel behind the mirror, M. Geiry found Meg and turned her right around, preventing her from finding Christine. M. Geiry also watched as the Phantom attempted to intice Christine into a life of solitude with him during the song Point of No Return. All M. Geiry did was stand back and watch the Phantom pull this innocent virgin down into a life of lust and music.
On the other side, perhaps she knew that if she tried to get inbetween the Phantom and Christine, she would be murdered in a painful death by the Phantom himself. So perhaps she had no other choice but to allow the Phantom to seduce Christine. So what do you think? Is Madame Geiry a villian or victim?
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